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Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift (Cruroplasty)

As in the arm lift, the thigh lift is necessary when a massive weight loss has happened. Usually the fat and skin excess is located in the two upper thirds of the thighs, being specially important the inner part. A drooping skin is appreciated which frequently hurts and discomforts and that sometimes stems cutaneous erosions and irritations, pacing or running difficulties, or even the appearance of ulcers or chafing.

In these cases, Dr. Aparicio and his team carry out a combined technique of laser liposuction and cutaneous retightening of the inner part of the thighs. Frequently, we associate the thigh lift with the correction of aesthetics and functional defects and problems. This association has the advantage that in one procedure we can solve a major part of the problems of the lower part of the patient’s body.

The surgical incisions are located in the inguinal area, as well as the gluteal crease. This achieves the traces from this intervention are often invisible, being only visible to the patients and their partners.

After this surgery it is indispensable thorough hygiene and personal care, due to the high degree of contamination of the area. It will also be indispensable not to tense and stretch the scar to avoid the incisions to open. Physical activity must be avoided during the first two months after the interventions.

The return to the work life must be adequate to the needs of each patient as well as to the type of activity.

Characteristics of thigh lift:

Duration of the procedure 3 – 4 hours
Anesthesia General or epidural
Hospitalization 24 hours
Return to work life About a month after the surgery.
Results Immediate and final after 3 months
Special Care Aspirational drainage as well as use pressotherapy garments to lift the surgical result.
Radiofrequency, pressotherapy and early lymphatic drainage.


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