Dr. Juanjo Aparicio

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Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon of renowned prestige in our region and in a national level.Founder and manager of the Society Silfid’ in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetics surgery since 2009.

Nowadays he is member of the directive board in the Valencian Society of Plastic Surgery ( SECPREV).

He runs his practice in surgical medicine in both levels public and private.

In the Spanish National Insurance he works in the General University Hospital of Alicante as a surgeon assistant of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in that centre, being a distinguished member of it. He is the one in charge of solving the most complex cases of surgery, such as traumatic reconstructive, post-tumoral, oncological and malformative.

He is an specialist in microsurgical procedures ( patient tissues transplants) and great importance surgeries. He works hard to achieve the highest standards in reconstructive and regenerative quality in the field of mammary surgery, post-traumatic facial surgery, correction and restitution of facial paralysis, corporal restyled after a bariatric surgery and an immediate and delayed treatment of a burnt patient.

He has also worked in the Hospital Marina Alta in Denia, where he founded, along with Dr. José Mallent, the unit of Plastic Surgery in that centre.

In the private field and always along with Silfid’ , Dr. Aparicio works in combination with his medical and assistant team to achieve the excellence in aesthetics and medical surgery in the clinic Vistahermosa in Alicante. The constant search of aesthetics perfection motivates each one of his interventions, keeping the clear premise of achieving the maximum aesthetics improvement with the highest safety and reliability.

Dr. Aparicio has a PhD in Surgical Anatomy in the Miguel Hernández University in Elche, being a member of the organising team and a guest teacher in the annual course of microsurgical mammary reconstruction run in that centre, coordinated along with Dr. José Francisco Salvador.

Dr. Juanjo Aparicio has invested huge efforts and dedication in learning the most outstanding and useful reconstructive, repairing and aesthetic techniques on the global scene, accompanied by the most renowned surgeons and in centres of renowned international prestige.
To strengthen his knowledge in the area of Reconstructive Surgery, he travelled to Taiwan, to the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and under the protection of Dr. Fu Chang Wei and Dr. Ming Wey Chen, he learnt the principles of the techniques in Reconstructive Microsurgery. In addition, along with Dr. Teo T.C., he ran a Clinical Attachment in the Hospital Queen Victoria in London, focusing on the upper and lower member reconstruction with free and pedicle flaps.

In the field of Aesthetics Surgery, Dr.Juanjo Aparicio has always looked for the balance and safety of his procedures, that is why he has made trips of thorough study, visiting and collaborating in the most representative centres in aesthetic surgery in Brazil. He visited Santa Casa de Misericordia and the Clinic of Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, where the principles of the international aesthetic surgery were created. He also stayed in the Plastic Hospital directed by Dr. Farid Hakme, where the most modern procedures in facial aesthetic surgery in Rio de Janeiro are applied.

He visited Dr. Raúl González in Riberao Preto, where he learnt the techniques of the bottom and body remodel hand in hand with one of the most experienced surgeons in this anatomic field.

He has assisted and participated as a guest speaker and teacher in multiple symposiums in various scientific conferences and meetings in both national and international levels in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgery.

He graduated in the Medical Faculty in the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, where he finished first in his year. He has a degree Medical Surgeon by the University of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid.

Dr. Aparicio is a collegiate member in:

  • Ilustre Colegio Medico in Alicante.
  • General Medical Council in London.
  • Colegio Médico del Perú.

Languages: Spanish, English and French.

Societies that he belongs to:

  • Spanish Society of Plastic, Repairing and Aesthetics Surgery (SECPRE).
  • Valencian Society of Plastic, Repairing and Aesthetics Surgery (SECPRECV).
  • International Alliance of Plastic, Repairing and Aesthetics Surgery (ICPRAS).
  • European Society of Plastic, Repairing and Aesthetics Surgery (ESPRAS).


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